Boeri blasts unions for 'winking' at populist stances (2)

Increasing focus outside world of work - Boeri

Boeri blasts unions for 'winking' at populist stances (2)

Rome, April 17 - Tito Boeri, the president of pensions and social-security agency INPS, on Tuesday blasted Italy's trade unions for allegedly flirting with populist positions. "Our trade union movement is showing increasing attention to what is outside the world of work, instead of what is inside and has plenty of problems too," Boeri said. "I see winks at those who propose spending even more, forgetting the budget limits. "But the trade unions should know that populism has always led to the destruction of the intermediate bodies, which they are". Boeri did not give specifics about what he was referring to, saying his assertion was based on "some interviews that are enthusiastic about certain theses".

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