Govt in 2 wks if I win regional votes - Salvini (4)

In Molise and Friuli

Govt in 2 wks if I win regional votes - Salvini (4)

Campobasso, April 16 - Anti-migrant Euroskeptic League leader Matteo Salvini said Monday there would be a new Italian government in two weeks if he won regional elections in Molise and Friuli later this month. "Let it be clear to all, also for those who don't want to listen, that if we win in Friuli and Molise the government will be formed in 15 days," Salvini said. The elections are in Molise on April 22 and Friuli on April 29. "The vote in Molise is important for the Molisani, but it's clear that if Molise on Sunday, and Friuli the following Sunday were to reward the force, courage and battles of the League, I'm convinced that, also thanks to the votes of the Molisani and Friulani, within the space of 15 days, those who must understand will understand, the government will start to act, will start to work without wasting any more time"," Salvini said.

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