Mattarella remembers Ruffilli, cites citizen-State pact (2)

DC reformer killed by Red Brigades 30 yrs ago

Mattarella remembers Ruffilli, cites citizen-State pact (2)

Forlì, April 16 - President Sergio Mattarella on Monday recalled Christian Democrat (DC) reformer Roberto Ruffilli, killed by the leftist terrorist Red Brigades 30 years ago today. The head of State recalled Ruffilli's idea of applying a pact between citizens and the State and his "great attention for the reform process and the changes that can be achieves." He described Ruffilli as an example of "generosity and transparency," and stressed his lessons on pluralism. He addeed that Ruffilli "was able to exalt the sense of community that links all the elements of our Republic".

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