Israel: Likud candidate, money for Palestinians to go away

Half a million dollars per family to encourage departure

(ANSAmed) - Tel Aviv, January 2 - Israel should pay half a million dollars to every Palestinian family in the Territories in order for them to move abroad 'where they will have a better future', Likud-Beiteinu candidate Moshe Feiglin has proposed three weeks ahead of political elections. Yesterday Feiglin was at the centre of another controversial initiative when he attempted to pray aloud at the Temple Mount, the third holiest Muslim site, to call for the right of Jews to pray in a site where 2,000 years ago was the temple of Jerusalem. Israeli police reported him for disorderly conduct in a public place. Meanwhile Yediot Ahronot said another three Likud-Beiteinu candidates have called for the annexation of West Bank areas inhabited by Jews, reportedly in a swerve to the right of the electoral campaign. The most recent surveys indicate Likud-Beiteinu is losing ground and the party would win 34 of the Knesset's 120 seats today - five less than surveys indicated last month, Haaretz reports. (ANSAmed)

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