The Times names Mario Draghi 'Business Person of the Year'

British daily hails 'man who saved the euro'

The Times names Mario Draghi 'Business Person of the Year'

Rome, December 31 - British newspaper The Times on Monday named the Italian chief of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, as Business Person of the Year. The Times called the ECB president "the man who saved the euro" in a pantheon of business figures "who managed to defy the gloom in 2012". The Times said Draghi "was confronted with the threat of total euro disintegration over the summer, as a contagious crisis of confidence afflicted not only Greece and Portugal but big economies, including Spain and Italy. If the single currency had gone down, it would have made the Lehman Brothers crash look like a Sunday picnic in the park." The Financial Times also gave a year-end salute to Draghi in two articles devoted to his exploits on behalf of the euro in 2012.

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