Massive wine destruction incident takes place in Pantelleria

Second vandalism rocks Italian wine-lovers' community

Massive wine destruction incident takes place in Pantelleria

Palermo, December 28 - Some 700 litres of precious wine have been destroyed in an act of vandalism that was carried out in the Abraxas di Pantelleria wine producer's estate in southern Italy, the second in a series of similar incidents that has shaken the wine-loving community in Italy. The incident regarding the vineyard located on the island of Pantelleria that is owned by Calogero Mannino, a former agricultural minister and currently a member of parliament, was reported on the Cronache di Gusto online edition. Part of Abraxas' 2012 wine harvest as well as 250 litres of 2012 and 2010 passito liquored wine was destroyed in the act of vandalism. Italian police earlier this month arrested a former employee of the world renowned Tuscan wine producer of Brunello di Montalcino for having poured out barrels worth millions of euros. Law enforecement authorities believe he could have acted out of revenge because his employer had allocated some housing to another employee and had also reprimanded him. Police are currently investigating the Pantelleria episode.

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