Speakers, govt talks separate-Di Maio to M5S lawmakers (3)

Anti-establishment leader says aim is end of 'vitalizi'

Speakers, govt talks separate-Di Maio to M5S lawmakers (3)

Rome, March 20 - 5-Star Movement (M5S) leader Luigi Di Maio reiterated Tuesday that talks with other parties on the nomination of the parliamentary Speakers were separate from negotiations on the formation of a new government. "The election of the Speakers of the Houses is not a match about the government," Di Maio told a meeting of lawmakers for the anti-establishment group in the Lower House. "It's a match for the abolition of the vitalizi". Vitalizi are parliamentary pensions that have more beneficial conditions than ordinary State pensions. The M5S is the biggest single party in the new parliament after getting over 32% of the vote in this month's general election although the centre-right coalition as a whole got more - around 37%. Neither has enough seats for a majority in parliament. Di Maio also repeated the M5S's demand that the new Speaker of the Lower House be one of its members. "This week we will probably elect one of the Speakers and we will be decisive for the election of both," he told the MPs. "We have asked for the Lower House Speakership because there are more vitalizi to cut here, more regulations to change".

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