WWII bomb found at Fano, 23,000 evacuated (4)

Taken out to sea, will be blown up in controlled explosion

WWII bomb found at Fano, 23,000 evacuated (4)

Fano, March 14 - A WWII bomb was found in a building site at Fano in Marche Tuesday night and 23,000 people were evacuated. The city hospital was evacuated too and its air space barred to flights, after the bomb was accidentally triggered and risked blowing up. The bomb was taken out 2 miles to sea and will be disposed of in a controlled explosion, local sources said. "The danger is over, the device is two miles off Fano, said Mayor Massimo Seri. The bomb, which was made safe by bomb squads from the army and navy, will remain in the water at least 144 hours before being st off.

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