'Strange' if Di Maio support in Vatican - Becciu (3)

Holy See respects Italy says assistant secretary of state

'Strange' if Di Maio support in Vatican - Becciu (3)

Rome, March 13 - Vatican Assistant Secretary of State Msgr Angelo Becciu said Tuesday he found it "strange" that anti-establishment 5-Star Movement (M5S) leader Luigi Di Maio might have support from some in the Vatican for a moderate government. "I don't know if he has met with any (support) in these days but it seems strange to me: he didn't say so, it's other people who are attributing it to him, but we don't get involved, we let Italy find a solution ton its problems," Becciu said. Becciu said the Holy See respects the Italian State and would not interfere after the March 4 general election, where the M5S came top as individual party and the centre right top as coalition, but both without a majority. "We belong to another State and we talk to everybody, thus we look on as detached observers but with the desire that right solutions will be found for the country," he said. "It's strange that people are pulling the Vatican this way or that: that's not the case on our side because we respect the autonomy of the Italian State and the parties. They must find the right technical solutions, we limit ourselves to proclaim the principles for the good co-existence of a people, anchored by the Church's Social Doctrine".

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