Di Maio says no to 'all in' or institutional govt (2)

M5S not scared of new elections says anti-establishment leader

Di Maio says no to 'all in' or institutional govt (2)

Rome, March 13 - 5-Star Movement (M5S) premier candidate Luigi Di Maio on Tuesday said the anti-establishment group would not be part of an institutional government or executive featuring all the main parties after this month's inconclusive general election. "We don't contemplate any hypothesis of a government of everyone or an institutional government," Di Maio said at a meeting with the foreign press in Rome. "The Italian people voted for a premier candidate". The M5S was the top single party in the election with over 32% but a coalition of centre-right parties got more combined, with around 37% of the vote. Neither the M5S nor the centre right have a majority in parliament. Di Maio said Tuesday that the M5S was not spooked by the prospect of return to the polls. "It doesn't scare us," Di Maio told the foreign press regarding a fresh election. Di Maio rejected forming a government team different from the one the M5S presented before the election. "We are not disposed to imagine a government team different from the one expressed by the people's will: there was a great investiture," he said.

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