Turin tops Italian cites in eco-mobility charts

Second and third positions awarded to Brescia and Parma

Turin tops Italian cites in eco-mobility charts

(ANSA) – Rome, December 27 – The northwestern Italian city of Turin topped the rankings of the most eco-mobile locations in Italy for the second year running thanks to its good public transport, its fleet of shared bicycles and its car-sharing service, according to a report released on Thursday. Turin was also applauded in the report for having an above average number of cars with low environmental impact emissions, and a low accident and mortality rate on the city streets. The study was sponsored by the Italian Environment Ministry and drawn up by research association Euromobility together with bicycle association Bicincitta' and FIT Consulting. The northern Italian towns of Brescia and Parma were respectively awarded second and third rankings, while the business capital of Milan came fourth, and Bologna fifth. Bottom of the list were the towns of l'Aquila, which was devastated by a 2009 earthquake, and the southern Italian towns of Catanzaro and Reggio Calabria.

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