Monti to appear on electoral list of party that backs agenda

Economic reformist Ichino says that focus is on 'content'

Monti to appear on electoral list of party that backs agenda

Rome, December 27 - Italian Premier Mario Monti will appear on the electoral list of the party backing his reforms platform, according to comments made on Thursday by one of the politicians that supports him. Centrist Italian business and political leaders expressed full support for Monti's reform agenda after the premier tendered his resignation last Friday, indicating he was willing to support political parties that wish to continue with his reforms in the run-up to the February general elections. "Monti's name on the list? There will be references made to Monti's agenda", said labour market reform theorist and Monti backer Pietro Ichino in a televised interview. "He has always repeated that we must not make the campaign personal, so we need to focus on the contents of the electoral agenda". "However, his name will appear", added Ichino, who left the center-left Democratic Party earlier this week.

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