Morgan to pay homage to De Andrè at Festival Bellezza

On June 7 in Verona's Roman amphitheatre

Morgan to pay homage to De Andrè at Festival Bellezza

Rome, February 22 - The Italian singer-songwriter known by his stage name Morgan will be paying homage to the legendary Fabrizio De André in a concert on June 7 as part of the fifth Festival della Bellezza. The festival will be held from May 27 to June 10. The experimental musician and singer, known for his electronic and alternative music, will be doing a deep dive into the characters in De André songs. He will be reviving the themes dear to De Andre, from spirituality and war to madness and love, in a universe rich in humanity. At the Roman amphitheatre in Verona, Morgan will be showcasing De Andre's three production phases and nod towards his literary references and musical influences, such as Cecco Angiolieri, Brassens, Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan, as well as his collaboration with Ivano Fossati. Acoustic guitar will be combined with an electrical piano and the notes will take on new forms. The first phase was when De Andre took up old madrigals and ancient forms, while the second is that of his concept albums, in which the idea is developed throughout the album and every piece is unique. The third phase was his "ethnic" phase, with began with 'L'Indiano' and ended with such masterpieces as 'Creuza de Ma', 'Le Nuvole' and 'Anime Salve'. As was the case for the remakes of David Bowie's works at the Festival della Bellezza 2017, Morgan's live performances will be lessons in theatre in which talent and visionary inspiration mix. This year's Festival della Bellezza - I Maestri dello Spirito will begin on May 27 with a concert by Philip Glass at Teatro Romano. The initiative expects to see 50,000 attend, with sold-out theatres and unique shows under the artistic direction of Alcide Marchioro.

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