Parties shd agree to halve salaries - Di Maio (3)

First of string of post-vote 'convergences'

Parties shd agree to halve salaries - Di Maio (3)

Rome, February 15 - Anti-establishment 5-Star Movement (M5S) leader Luigi Di Maio on Thursday proposed the first move he thinks parties can "converge" on after the March 4 general election, halving parliamentary salaries. "Today I propose the first of a series of issues for a government convergence," he said. "All parties should now sign this act in which they vow to to vote the bill halving the salaries of MPs and introducing precise billing of reimbursements," he said. Writing on the M5S blog, Di Maio said "we have shown that an MP can live a more than dignified life while halving his stipend." He said: "the parties gobble up double salaries and pocket all the reimbursements (for party spending) without providing accounts of anything to anyone". The M5S styles itself as being unlike the traditional parties, which it says are wedded to perks and corruption. However it has recently suffered a scandal in which eight members were found not to have paid back money which they should have according to the party statutes.

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