Cappato hoping top court will rule in favour (3)

Hopes Fascist-era instigation to suicide norm will be revoked

Cappato hoping top court will rule in favour (3)

Rome, February 15 - Right-to-die activist Marco Cappato is hoping the Constitutional Court will rule in his favour when it hears the case of his helping 40-year-old blind and tetraplegic Italian ex-DJ Fabiano Antoniani, better known as Dj Fabo, commit assisted suicide in Switzerland last year. Cappato sdaid Thursday he hoped the top court would strike down a Fascist-era article in the penal code, Article 580, which punishes instigation to suicide. "The hope is that the Constitutional Court will establish that this 1930 norm is unconstitutional," said Cappato, a Radical Party member and treasurer of the right-to-die Luca Coscioni association. He said the norm "does not make any distinction for the suffering of the person". Cappato added that a new law introducing living wills was "at risk" of not being implemented because "city councils do not have or are not furnishing enough information to citizens".

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