MICAM presents biodegradable and modular shoes

Disposable with food waste or zippable to the sole

MICAM presents biodegradable and modular shoes

Milan, February 14 - Shoes inspired by different musical styles, biodegradable shoes and modular shoes with uppers that can be zipped to the sole are just some of the products on show at MICAM, the leading international footwear fair at Rho Fiera in Milan. Loriblu presents its 100% organic Naturella decolleté models or sandals, which are so environmentally friendly that they can be disposed of together with food waste - assuming, that is, that the owner is prepared to separate herself from the splendid creations. The historic brand from Porto Sant'Elpidio is also celebrating the 40th anniversary of its famous Mignon sandal with a special revival edition featuring a / cm heel. "The 7 cm heel is back in fashion," Loriblu says. Milanese designer Francesca Mambrini stands out for her unusual decorations and presents a luxury line for sale in 20 or so boutiques around the world. She uses calf skin and suede and the leather is lasered to reproduce bird feathers or decorated with sequins or fabric flowers, while the chrome-plated heels are a towering 11 cm. Milanese firm ACBC presents a modular design that uses a zip system to pair 80 different uppers to just five soles. "These shoes are practical for travellers in particular because they allow them to carry many different pairs in a small suitcase," explain the creators. For now these shoes can only be purchased on line, but they are expected to hit the shops in July. For kids Lelly Kelly has returned to MICAM with its project Colorissima involving sneakers with accessories that can be coloured with special pens supplied together with the shoes and brightly coloured, sparkly wellington boots.

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