Officers raid massive heroine and cocaine stockpile

Carabinieri seize drugs stashed in Scampia elevator shaft

Officers raid massive heroine and cocaine stockpile

(ANSA) – Naples, December 21 – Law enforcement officers discovered over 2,500 doses of cocaine and heroin stashed away in an elevator shaft in crime-ridden Naples district of Scampia. The carabinieri police discovered the illegal substances while carrying out searches in a building located in an area known for heavy Camorra activity and said to be one of the biggest drug-peddling zones in Europe. Police units involved in the raids included carabinieri military police from the Marianella station in Naples, as well as their colleagues of the Battaglione Toscana. The drugs totalling 2,350 grams were already pre-packaged and ready to be sold on the illegal market.

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