Container shipping sets sight on continued growth in Aqaba

Red Sea port poised to become point of reference in region

Container shipping sets sight on continued growth in Aqaba

Rome, December 21 - The liberalized duty-free area encompassing Aqaba is a gateway for access to the Middle East, Asia and Europe. On top of being a burgeoning resort area, it is increasingly becoming a point of reference as a transit gateway for commerce and shipping. Danish-born, Aqaba-immigrated Soren Hansen is determined to put the Red Sea port city on the map as a shipping hub that stands above the rest. "Our business has doubled since 2006 and every year the how-tos of daily business dealings and interface with local authorities get easier and easier," the CEO of Aqaba Container Terminal (ACT) Pvt Co., Hansen says. "Shipping in containers is safe and generally cheaper. For the areas we cover, it is an excellent choice for cargo of all kinds," he says. The terminal is situated on the northern shores of the Gulf Of Aqaba, in the southern end of Jordan and has adequate facilities to accommodate vessels up to 540 meters long. ACT is one of the key stakeholders in the multi-sector development area ASEZA ((Aqaba Special Economic Zone) that has its sights on becoming a world-class hub for business and leisure. ASEZA was born in 1984, when King Abdullah II of Jordan tapped the port town of Aqaba to become not only a Red Sea hub for shipping and transit, but also as a tourist destination primed for leisure travellers. Hansen says that working in ASEZA is in perfect synergy with ACT's mission to develop and upgrade a sustainable modern, transparent, competitive, reliable, and profitable supply chain stretching into Jordan, Iraq, and the Levant region. "Right now there is more being imported than exported," says Hansen, who lives in the resort town with his wife and children. "But with a few more years, we are confident that we can get that balance right".

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