Maya not to blame for Italian govt's demise, says Monti

Premier jokes about premature end of technocrat administration

Maya not to blame for Italian govt's demise, says Monti

Rome, December 21 - Italian Premier Mario Monti on Friday joked about the premature end of his emergency technocrat government, clearing Maya prophecies of blame for it. "A year ago this government was beginning," former European commissioner Monti said at the end of the Christmas mass for employees of the premier's office. "Today, on the other hand, we have to end this role and the Maya prophecy is not to blame". Monti is set to resign once the 2013 budget law is approved. The law should receive its final clearance in parliament later on Friday. Monti announced he would resign after ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi's People of Freedom party pulled its support from his government two weeks ago. According to an interpretation of the Mayan calendar, the world was meant to end on Friday December 21 at 12.12 Central European Time.

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