Women killed in Italy mainly by partners or exes

Face biggest risk first 90 days after leaving partner

Women killed in Italy mainly by partners or exes

Rome, December 21 - Women in Italy who leave their partners face the highest risk of murder within the first 90 days after the breakup, a study released on Friday by the EURES research group and the ANSA news agency found. Almost half of murders committed by ex-partners - or 47.2% - occur within three months of a woman's choice to end a relationship. By 90-180 days after, the percentage drops to 11.8%. More than five years out, the percentage falls to 3.7%. Over the decade studied, from 2000 to 2011, total murders of women under any circumstance were concentrated in northern Italy, where 49.9% or 728 women were killed. A mere 19.4% of the murders occurred in central Italy, while 30.7% took place in the south. Of all the women murdered, a total of 1,459 or 70.8% were killed by the partner, an ex-partner or a lover, a number that also remains largely consistent year by year. The study is entitled, "Femicide in Italy in the last decade. Dimensions, characteristics and risk profiles".

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