Casalesi death squad leader 'blindness' doctor held

Pavia ophthalmologist helped authorise Giuseppe Setola's release

Casalesi death squad leader 'blindness' doctor held

Caserta, December 21 - Italian police on Friday arrested a doctor and lawyer who falsely certified that a Camorra mafia boss was blind, enabling him to skip house arrest and wage a war that killed almost 20 people. Ophthalmologist Aldo Fronterre' and lawyer Girolamo Casella allegedly gave Giuseppe Setola the certificates that enabled him to be granted house arrest in 2007. Setola, a member of the Casalesi clan whose death threats have forced anti-mafia writer Roberto Saviano into hiding, escaped from Fronterre's clinic in the northern Italian city of Pavia on April 7, 2008, setting in motion the so-called 'season of massacres' that peaked on September 18 when six West African immigrants were slain in Castel Volturno. Before his arrest on January 14, 2009, Setola led a Casalesi death squad that between May 2 and December 12 2008 murdered 18 people. It also carried out another eight ambushes. Setola was sentenced to life imprisonment last year. photo: Setola

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