Supreme court OKs adoption of acid-attack couple's kid (4)

Grandparents' appeal rejected

Supreme court OKs adoption of acid-attack couple's kid (4)

Rome, January 19 - The supreme Court of Cassation on Friday approved the decision to put the young child of ex-Bocconi University student Martina Levato and her broker ex-boyfriend Alexander Boettcher, who were convicted for acid attacks in 2014, out to adoption. The court rejected a petition by the child's grandparents, who wanted custody. Levato and Boettcher, who have been in jail since December 2014, were sentenced to a total of 28 and 37 years in prison respectively in two separate trials on attacks they carried out against men with whom Levato had had a relationship. Levato's jail term was recently cut from 28 to 20 years. Levato said she would appeal to the European Court of Human Rights. Her son with Boettcher was born on August 15, 2013. The Cassation Court said that "not even the maternal grandparents have shown a real grasp of the atrocities of their daughter's actions". It said that therefore the child could not "remain linked to the family of origin" because "it would inevitably be forced to reckon with the dramatic family history of its parents".

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