Fake blind man caught reading the sports page in bar

54-year-old claimed 80,000 euros in disability in six years

Fake blind man caught reading the sports page in bar

Milan, December 19 - Milan police cited a man on Wednesday for collecting 80,000 euros in disability benefits over the course of six years by falsely claiming he was totally blind. The man, 54, was photographed walking his daughter to school, looking both ways before crossing the street, reading the sports page in a coffee shop and taking the stairs without any help. Before issuing the citation, undercover investigators posing as tourists asked the suspect to indicate a location on a map, which they said he did without difficulty. It was only after being taken into a local police station to sign the citation that the man told police he could not read what was written. Investigators are also probing the medical facility that issued the man's blindness certificate.

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