Gentiloni shd stick to premier, not campaign - M5S (3)

'Disgraceful' comments on allegedly inefficient Rome govt

Gentiloni shd stick to premier, not campaign - M5S (3)

Rome, January 12 - Premier Paolo Gentiloni should stick to his job as prime minister and not engage in the electoral campaign ahead of the March 4 general election, the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement (M5S) said after the premier appeared to criticise M5S Rome Mayor Virginia Raggi's administration Friday. Earlier, Gentiloni suggested the Raggi city government had not been operating at "maximum efficiency" in facing a string of woes. M5S Rome Council Whip Paolo Ferrara said on Facebook: "Gentiloni should stick to being premier, not (taking part in) the election campaign. "Their (Gentiloni's Democratic Party, PD) efficiency in governing is the 13 billion euros of debt (Raggi) inherited. "Gentiloni's statements are disgraceful." "The efficiency he talks about is by chance that shown in the past decades by PD governments? "The efficiency that led Rome to have 13 billion euros in debt? "The premier should stop waging an electoral campaign. "Indeed, he shouldn't waste time and should appoint a debt commissioner for Rome" photo: Mayor Raggi

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