Art installation marks the coming apocalypse in Milan

Artist's vision from biblical reckoning coincides with prophecy

Art installation marks the coming apocalypse in Milan

Milan, December 18 - An art installation inspired by the Biblical Apocalypse of St. John will be unveiled mere days before the end of the world as forecast by the Mayan calendar. The installation by artist Jannis Kounellis, involving a large steel cross imposed on a wooden cross, will be shown at Milan's Galleria San Fedele two days before the Mayans prediction for the world's end. The work was commissioned by gallery director Andrea Dell'Asta based on the Gospel predictions of the end of the world. The historic gallery is associated with a cultural centre operated by the Jesuits in Milan, who chose Kounellis, popular in Italy as a member of the Arte Povera movement. The artist, who usually works with "poor" materials such as metal, wood, and fabric, said he hoped his message would be one of hope, inspired by Christian faith.

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