Pannella risks permanent kidney damage with hunger strike

Politician refuses food, water in protest over jail conditions

Pannella risks permanent kidney damage with hunger strike

Rome, December 18 - Doctors say Marco Pannella, the historic leader of Italy's Radical Party, will destroy his kidneys and his overall health if he continues his thirst-and-hunger strike. "You are now witnessing the deliberate development of renal (kidney) damage," doctors at Pannella's Rome hospital said Tuesday. They provided a detailed update of his condition, adding that Pannella has refused treatment and is developing severe exhaustion as well as organ damage. "The recovery of hydration and adequate caloric intake cannot be delayed any further". Pannella, 82, is striking to back his demands for an amnesty to stop chronic overcrowding in Italy's jail; and that prisoners be given the right to vote. He has staged a number of thirst-and-hunger strikes in the past to protest about a variety of issues.

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