Contact made in La Spezia entrepreneur abduction case

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Contact made in La Spezia entrepreneur abduction case

Genoa, December 18 - The kidnappers of Andrea Calevo have made ''fleeting contact'' with someone close to the La Spezia businessman but without asking for a ransom, Genoese anti-mafia prosecutors said on Tuesday. The magistrates added that the contact had not necessarily been made with a family member. Meanwhile the search for the 31-year-old construction entrepreneur has been extended to several foreign countries as it becomes increasingly likely that he has been handed on. Calevo was abducted from his villa in Lerici near La Spezia on Sunday night and his car, an Audi A3, was found dumped in a nearby river the following morning. Calevo's firm, founded by his grandfather, produces prefabricated building materials and is well known in the region. However the anti-mafia prosecutor's office has said it was not in debt. photo: pic from Calevo's Facebook page

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