Police catch fugitive Camorra boss near Naples after search

Drug lab with sophisticated equipment and heroine also found

Police catch fugitive Camorra boss near Naples after search

Naples, December 17 - Special units of Italy's Carabinieri police on Monday captured Raffaele Notturno, a Camorra mafia boss on the run since January, in the crime-ridden Naples district of Scampia. Notturno, 38, was captured after a massive manhunt that involved 42 searches and resulted also in drug catches including 70 grams of pure heroine, 12 grams of pills ready for distribution and psychopharmacological drugs as well as equipment for drug production and packaging. Police found the criminal at 11:00 in the morning. After successfully making their way into an apartment building guarded by heavy gates, police knocked on the Notturnos' sixth-floor door and were met by his wife, who claimed to not know where he was. Notturno wasn't in the apartment, but was in hiding in a secret room in a separate apartment on the same floor. When police began forcing their way into the door, Notturno surrendered himself, still dressed in pajamas. Notturno was previously sentenced to two years and 11 months in jail for drug-trafficking related crimes, but escaped before being sent to jail. Police, who began their raids early in the morning, also recovered 500 doses of drugs and a modified gun in a garage owned by Notturno.

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