Italy must do better to help youth flourish, says Monti

Premier hopeful of recovery in 2013

Italy must do better to help youth flourish, says Monti

Rome, December 17 - Premier Mario Monti admitted on Monday that Italy must work harder to help young people flourish by investing more in the country's human capital. Young people here are suffering the effects of a decade of sluggish economic growth and over a third of Italian 15-to-24-year-olds are jobless. "We have to do more and do better," Monti said in a radio message to Italian students. "To get going again we could start with an extraordinary investment in human capital, which all the forces of the country could participate in, above all the businesses. "The fact that the State cannot resolve every problem on its own does not mean the Italian people cannot together, as a country. "I was the first to say that it's not enough to tell you to be hopeful and call on you to cultivate this hope. We have to organise the hope and stimulate fresher creativity, more liberating imagination, and the heady joy of initiative. "We have to convince ourselves that we have to throw open the window of the future in order to grow, be daring together, change together". Monti, who came to power at the helm of emergency government of unelected technocrats last year, is set to resign when the 2013 budget law is passed after ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi's People of Freedom party withdrew its support. The former European commissioner, who does not belong to a political party, is said to be considering standing at elections likely to take place in February with a special electoral list of his own. He added on Monday that he was hopeful Italy would pull out of a recession made deeper by his government's austerity measures in the new year. "I hope 2013 can finally be the year in which Italy starts to see the concrete prospect of growth again and look to the future with hope, not fear," Monti said. "Let's hope we can be among the leading players of a recovery that gives back certainty to you young people, as the time comes closer for you to make decisions and find stable, dignified work".

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