Grandson-nephew of thallium-poisoning victims arrested (4)

Man's grandparents and aunt are dead, 5 others in hospital

Grandson-nephew of thallium-poisoning victims arrested (4)

Monza, December 7 - Carabinieri police in Desio, near Monza, on Thursday arrested Mattia Del Zotto, 27, the grandson-nephew of three elderly people who recently died of thallium poisoning. Five other people are in hospital receiving treatment for thallium poisoning. "We proceeded with the arrest in order to avert other victims," police said. The victims were the arrested man's grandparents, Battista Del Zotto, 94, and Maria Gioia Pittana 88; and his aunt, Patrizia Del Zotto, 62. The suspect is accused of homicide and attempted homicide. Del Zotto was arrested after police found five packages of thallium sulfate, totaling 60 grams, in his home in Nova Milanese. Police also found receipts for the purchase of the substance, showing it was bought in Padua, as well as conversations on Del Zotto's cell phone in which he makes reference to the purchase. "I did it to punish impure people and I don't want to cooperate," Del Zotto told police at the time of his arrest. In a press conference, Monza public prosecutor Luisa Zanetti defined Del Zotto as "an introverted person". "You'll never know why I did it," Del Zotto reportedly told police. "I don't have to collaborate with this institution or other institutions of this State". He was described as being "unshaven and with a cold gaze" as he spoke to police. "I don't need other people talking in my place. Choose whoever you like form the phone book". His mother said "Mattia is following a sect. "Lately my son told us he is no longer a Catholic and is following a religion he didn't describe to us. My assumption is that it's a kind of sect. "This new lifestyle is inspired in his words, if my memory doesn't fail me, by a group called 'Second Vatican Council'."

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