2 probed for FN raid on la Repubblica (3)

Far-right attack on left-leaning daily widely condemned

2 probed for FN raid on la Repubblica (3)

Rome, December 7 - Rome prosecutors on Thursday placed two people under investigation over a far-right Forza Nuova (FN) raid on la Repubblica offices in which flares were thrown at staff of the left-leaning daily. Possible charges are private violence, unauthorised demonstration and setting off fireworks in public places. DIGOS security police on Wednesday cited the pair over the attack, which has been widely condemned. FN said the assault was the first act in a "war" against la Repubblica and the ruling centre-left Democratic Party (PD) after their denunciation of recent neo-Fascist and racist incidents, many spurred by centre-left support for a citizenship bill for the children of long-term immigrants born on Italian soil. The neo-Fascists urged a boycott of la Repubblica and its sister weekly l'Espresso. FN has said it will flout a ban on a rally in Como Saturday in support of Nazi skinheads who raided a pro-migrant rally there recently to read out a pamphlet on the alleged invasion of Italy by migrants. The PD is demonstrating against the raid on the same day in the northern Italian city.

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