Look for graft linked to mafia - Orlando (3)

Don't just focus on Riina 'succession saga'

Look for graft linked to mafia - Orlando (3)

Milan, November 24 - Justice Minister Andrea Orlando told a mafia conference Friday that crimes linked to the mafia such as corruption and money laundering must be spotlighted by prosecutors. "It's not just a question of following a saga of succession," he said, referring to expected struggles to succeed the late boss of bosses Totò Riina. Corleone-born 'The Beast' Riina, 87, responsible for the murders of anti-mafia prosecutors Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino as well as many others, died a week ago aged 87. "What we need is change of perspective," Orlando went on, "you have to look at those tell-tale crimes that open the doors to a mafia phenomenon and which often have a much greater economic and social impact". He said prosecutors had been attempting to do this, shifting focus from all-out mafia crimes to other offences including "corruption, false accounting, vote buying, environmental crimes and crimes against the public administration, as well as gangmastering".

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