Director Fausto Brizzi denies sex-abuse allegations

Accusations by 10 women in report by TV show 'Le Iene'

Director Fausto Brizzi denies sex-abuse allegations

Rome, November 13 - Italian director Fausto Brizzi has denied an accusation of sexual abused that featured in an investigative report by the Mediaset TV programme 'Le Iene' that aired in Italy on Sunday night. "In reference to the show 'Le Iene', which aired this evening, I reaffirm that I have never had non-consensual sexual relations," Brizzi's lawyer Antonio Marino said on his behalf. During the investigative report, which was conducted by Dino Giarrusso, 10 women accused Brizzi of varying degrees of sexual harassment and assault. Giarrusso said the show received "dozens of emails" after the show aired and that "a great deal are once again regarding Brizzi". "We don't want to relentlessly attack just one, that wouldn't make sense, there are many more people involved than just one," Giarrusso said. "(Brizzi) immediately responded, we want to believe him, but the stories of the 10 actresses, who don't know one another, are remarkably similar," he said.

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