Scientists say world's end is 'inevitable' but not immediate

Italian scientists meeting to discuss how the world will end

Scientists say world's end is 'inevitable' but not immediate

Rome, December 12 - Italian scientists say the end of the world is "inevitable" - but not immediate. Scientists have organized a get-together to discuss the world's end in Naples on December 20 - on the eve of the date the calendar of the central American Mayan natives says the world will end. "The end of the Earth is inevitable," said Massimo Della Valle, director of the Astronomical Observatory of Capodimonte Institute operated by the National Institute for Astrophysics (INAF). The only question, at least for astrophysicists, is just how it will happen. A large comet or asteroid could sooner or later hit the Sun, which will be fatal for pretty much everyone. Or, if the Sun just flames out on its own, it would also kill Earth. Even the explosion of a nearby supernova could destroy life on Earth; or, we may simply fall into a black hole. "In any case, the end of the world will certainly be with the end of the universe, which could collapse on itself or expand indefinitely, as to make life impossible".

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