Monti says Berlusconi govt left 'much to do'

Election winner must follow up on reforms

Monti says Berlusconi govt left 'much to do'

Rome, December 12 - Premier Mario Monti said Wednesday that the administration of his predecessor Silvio Berlusconi had passed some economic reforms "but left very much to do". Monti, who took office last year when Italy's financial crisis forced Berlusconi to resign as premier, added that the winner of upcoming national elections would have to try to follow up on the reforms passed by his emergency technocrat government. Berlusconi has been highly critical of the record of Monti's government since his People of Freedom party withdrew its support from it last week and the media magnate said he would run for a fourth term as Italian premier. Monti has passed painful austerity measures and structural economic reforms, including controversial changes to labour-market regulations, that reassured investors Italy was putting its financial house in order. But these measures also deepened the recession the country slipped into last year.

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