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Italy an arrogant country says Battisti (3)

Ex-terrorist 'broke trust' says Brazil justice minister

Italy an arrogant country says Battisti (3)

Rio de Janeiro, October 13 - Italy is "such an arrogant country" that "they are convinced it will be an easy task for them to get me out" of Brazil, former leftist terrorist Cesare Battisti told Brazilian daily Folha de S.Paulo Friday, saying Italy's attitude towards him was one of "pride and vanity". Brazilian President Michel Temer has an opportunity to "make a great act of justice and humanity" towards him in letting him stay on as a political refugee, Battisti told the Brazilian daily. "I would like President Temer to become deeply aware of the situation, also because he has all the judicial and political instruments to carry out an act of humanity and leave me here" in Brazil, said Battisti amid reports Temer is shaping to grant extradition to Italy to serve two life sentences for four 1970s murders. Justice Minister Torquato Jardim told BBC Brazil Friday that Battisti "broke the relationship of trust" with Brazil by trying to leave the country "without a precise reason" when he was stopped in a taxi en route to Bolivia last week. Jardim said: "He said he was going to get fishing equipment, but he broke the relationship of trust because he committed an illegal act and was leaving the country with money above the permitted limit, without an apparent motive".

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