We took different path from Catalonia - Salvini (2)

Lombardy, Veneto set to vote Oct 22

We took different path from Catalonia - Salvini (2)

Milan, October 11 - Northern League (LN) leader Matteo Salvini said Wednesday the anti-euro, anti-migrant party had taken a "different path" from Catalonia over October 22 referendums on greater autonomy in two northern regions it governs, Lombardy and Veneto. "In Lombardy and Veneto we chose a different road, recognised by institutions," he said. The LN leader said it was "not a question of secession" but of getting greater powers over spending, schools, universities, natural disasters and other matters. Northern League MP Paolo Grimoldi said the aim of the Lombardy referendum was to retain half of the estimated 54 billion euros the region sends to Rome, that is 27 billion euros.

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