Monti says it's a 'myth' that spread doesn't matter

Let's not treat Italians as 'naive' says outgoing premier

Monti says it's a 'myth' that spread doesn't matter

(see related stories on spread) Rome, December 11 - Premier Mario Monti said Tuesday that rises in Italy's bond spread should not spark excessive anxiety, while stressing that they should not be written off as unimportant either. "The recent spread trends should be taken with a certain degree of calm and coolness," Monti told Rai television. "But we certainly should be very careful and sweep away some myths, such as the one that says it is not relevant. "Let's not treat the public as naive, because they are not". Monti added that the spread has been talked about so much during his emergency technocrat government that his grandchild had been nicknamed "spread" at nursery school. "Evidently, grandparents' defects have effects on their grandchildren," he said.

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