Banca Etruria ex-managers asked for 400 mn in damages (2)

Including Boschi's father

Banca Etruria ex-managers asked for 400 mn in damages (2)

Rome, October 11 - The liquidator of the former Banca Etruria has asked former managers of the middle-sized central Italian bank, which went bust in 2015, for 400 million euros in damages, Italian newspapers reported Wednesday. Among those cited was the former deputy chairman Pierluigi Boschi, father of cabinet secretary Maria Elena Boschi. Corriere della Sera, Il Messaggero and La Stampa said there were 37 people in all cited by the liquidator, whose request has reportedly been OK'd by the Bank of Italy. The managers were in charge of the bank from 2010 until it failed in 2015. Arezzo-based Banca Etruria was among four regional lenders that went belly-up leaving small investors holding worthless bonds. One Etruria former bond holder, Luigino D'Angelo, killed himself after losing his life savings. The other banks were Banca Marche, CariChieti and CariFe. They have all since been turned into 'good banks' and taken over by bigger lenders.

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