Genoa G8 police chief sentenced for perjury

Francesco Colucci guilty of covering up police brutality

Genoa G8 police chief sentenced for perjury

Genoa, December 10 - A court in Genoa on Monday sentenced the city's former police chief to two years and eight months in prison for perjury and trying to cover up police brutality during the Group of Eight summit in 2001. Francesco Colucci, who will appeal, was found guilty of giving false testimony to protect former national police chief Gianni De Gennaro. According to Italy's top appeals court this summer, De Gennaro demanded aggressive action "to redeem the image of the police from charges of inertia" against militant rampages that devastated the northwestern port city. De Gennaro was the only senior officer to be acquitted at the end of the appeals process in July, when the court upheld the convictions of several high-ranking officers. In an explanation of that ruling, the court said that violent actions by some police and unprovoked mass arrests of anti-globalization demonstrators discredited Italy in the eyes of the world. The court slammed officers for fabricating justifications for their actions, such as falsely claiming that protesters had stabbed an officer and were about to use Molotov cocktails, which were in fact planted by the police. On Monday, prosecutor Emanuele Tambuscio called the guilty verdict of the former Genoa police chief "very significant, because it shows senior police officers were actively contaminating evidence".

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