Salvini to appeal LN fund freeze, calls emergency meeting

Prosecutor says 'defended parliament'

Salvini to appeal LN fund freeze, calls emergency meeting

Milan, September 15 - Northern League (LN) leader Matteo Salvini said Friday that he would appeal against a decision by a Genoa court to freeze party funds and announced an emergency meeting of the right-wing anti-migrant party's federation council will be held Monday. "They are trying to get rid of us from television, from radio, from parliament. They are trying to do it in a dirty way. But they won't succeed," Salvini told the LN's Radio Padania. "In Democracy the citizens decide who wins and who loses with their votes, not an individual judge. "I am truly curious to see what President (Sergio Mattarella) will say now". The preventative seizure comes after two convictions over the misuse of party funds, including one regarding former LN leader Umberto Bossi. Genoa chief prosecutor Francesco Cozzi defended the move. "We have the utmost respect for the League and for all the parties," Cozzi said. "But we have not staged an attack on the Constitution. On the contrary, we moved to protect parliament".

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