Boyfriend confesses to 16-year-old girl's homicide (2)

Boy's father under investigation too, police led to body

Boyfriend confesses to 16-year-old girl's homicide (2)

Lecce, September 13 - The 17-year-old boyfriend of Noemi Durini has confessed to killing the 16-year-old girl who went missing on September 3, sources said Wednesday. The boy led Carabinieri police to the body, which was found in countryside in the area of Castignano del Capo, near the southern city of Lecce, by a provincial highway, the sources said. The body was partially hidden by rocks, the sources said. Noemi may have been killed by one of more rock blows to the head, sources said. Traces of blood could be seen where her body was found. The boy's 41-year-old father is also under investigation, the sources said. The last trace of Durini dates back to 5am of September 3, when she can seen in a white Fiat 500 driven by her boyfriend near to her home at Specchia - some 30km from where her body was found. The girl's mother recently reported the boy to prosecutors for minors over his violent conduct, leading to angry rows between the two families. "He was possessive, jealous. He did not want my cousin to see other people," Noemi's cousin Davide said about the boyfriend. "He hit her".

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