Rosora (Ancona)

Youngster immobilised by contemporaries following assault

Four boys dubbed 'angels' for helping elderly woman

Youngster immobilised by contemporaries following assault

Rosora (Ancona), December 7 - A 16-year-old from Bangladesh was immobilised by four of his contemporaries and handed over to police after he assaulted and robbed an elderly woman from Angeli di Rosora on Friday. The boy, identified only as H.R., held a knife to the throat of the 76-year-old and told her to hand over her handbag before severing the shoulder strap and pushing the woman to the ground. He then ran off but was chased and stopped by three Italians, all 15, and a Romanian, 16, who immobilised him before calling the emergency services. Police arrested the boy on charges of aggravated assault and bodily harm. The elderly woman is receiving hospital treatment for her injuries. The four boys who intervened have been rechristened 'Rosora's angels' and are to receive an award from the town mayor and local police on December 10.

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