Films on Naples abound at Venice fest

Seven including one by Manetti Bros and 'Cinderella the Cat'

Films on Naples abound at Venice fest

Rome, August 21 - Naples will be a dominant presence at this year's Venice Film Festival: a contemporary one that takes a close look at its problems, sometimes even jokes about them in a grotesque manner while seeking redemption, unique in its marvels and pain amid attempts to shed stereotypes. There will be at least 7 films in the various sections focusing on the city. Naples has long been a cinematic 'rival' of the capital and for years has been experiencing a 'revival', spurred by such television series as 'Gomorra' as well as 'Un Posto al Sole', which has served as a training ground for many. Companies in the city have proven able to attract important productions as well as set up workshops and make costly animation films. Both well-known directors - Paolo Sorrentino and Mario Martone, for example - and actors are associated with the city. The 74th edition of the film festival will begin with the competition for the Golden Lion. One of those in the running is 'Ammore e Malavita' by the Manetti Bros, a musical that has been described by lead actress Serena Rossi as a film in which ''we see a Naples different from that in 'Gomorra', which is instead criticized. I play Fatima, a Scampia nurse with an afro who meets Ciro O'Ninja (played by Manetti Bros's oft-used actor Giampaolo Morelli), the right-hand man of the Camorra member O'Re Do'Pesce (Carlo Buccirosso), married to Claudia Gerini. It is a love story with a hilarious soundtrack.'' In Antonietta De Lillo's 'Il Signor Rotpeter', a Kafka-inspired character walks the streets of Naples, the parks of Molosiglio and the stairs of the Federico II University. The Naples port with its merchandise being load and unloaded and goods being loaded and shady dealings is at the center of the animated drama film 'Cinderella the Cat' ('Gatta Cenerentola') , starring Alessandro Rak, Ivan Cappiello, Marino Guarnieri and Dario Sansone, made by team that produced 'The Art of Happiness'. The Disney version of the well-known fairy tale bears little resemblance to this one, which takes its cue more from the fable by Giambattista Basile and remakes it in a modern style, weaving together love and a life of crime in a musical ghost story. Other films that take place in the city that will be shown include 'Il Cratere' by Silvia Luzi and Luca Bellino, 'Veleno' by Diego Olivares, 'Nato a Casal di Principe' by Bruno Oliviero and 'L'Equilibrio' by Vincenzo Marra. photo: Claudia Gerini

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