'Mafia' behind murder at Naples preschool, police say

Victim 'close to Camorra gang'

'Mafia' behind murder at Naples preschool, police say

Naples, December 5 - Police believe the Naples mafia was behind the fatal shooting of a man inside a preschool courtyard. Luigi Lucenti, 50, was shot multiple times by two masked assailants on a scooter who then sped away - a classic execution method for organized crime. No one else was injured, and teachers said that the children were unaware of the shooting. "We were practicing songs for the Christmas recital," said a teacher at the Eugenio Montale preschool. "The kids didn't notice anything. We took them out a back door and they didn't see the body". The victim, police said, had a criminal record for drug-related offences and other foul play, and was considered to be close to the Abbinante gang of the Naples-based Camorra. Police said the assassins began pursuing Lucenti in front of his home and that he sought refuge inside the school courtyard. His son did not attend the school, contrary to earlier reports.

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