Roberto Maroni says no alliances for Northern League

'We cannot ally with Monti supporters'

Roberto Maroni says no alliances for Northern League

Udine, December 4 - The Northern League does not need to make any alliances for the coming election, the secretary of the regionalist right-wing party said Tuesday. Roberto Maroni said he fully supported earlier comments made by the Veneto region's president, Luca Zaia. "I agree with what Zaia said, that the Northern League will run alone," said Maroni. "We can not ally ourselves with a party that supports the Monti government, we are in opposition". Italian Premier Mario Monti, who replaced Silvio Berlusconi one year ago to oversee a government of technocrats amid a peak in the euro crisis, is to step down in the spring after general elections. The League was in a coalition with Berlusconi's centre-right People of Freedom (PdL) during his premiership. After he resigned last November, the PdL plus the main centre-left Democratic Party and a centrist coalition all pledged to support the Monti-led government. But the Northern League did not. It is not yet clear if the Berlusconi will seek office again in 2013.

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