Renzi says Bersani must avoid 'shady deals' after victory

'The winner must not forget the rest'

Renzi says Bersani must avoid 'shady deals' after victory

Florence, December 3 - Florence Mayor Matteo Renzi said Monday that the onus was on Democratic Party (PD) leader Pier Luigi Bersani to move on to the general election honestly while not forgetting the minority after beating Renzi in the centre left's primary runoff. "The winner has the honor and the responsibility of also representing the others, without shady deals or stonewalling," said Renzi in his online newsletter. "The loser must demonstrate the ability to live in dignity and honor when the majority are somewhere else". Earlier Monday, Renzi rejected speculation he could split from the Democratic Party (PD) to form his own group, promising to "be loyal to Bersani" after collecting around 39% of the votes cast on Sunday compared to over 60% for Bersani. The run-up to Sunday's runoff was marred with a dispute over whether Renzi had broken the rules for the primaries, because a foundation linked to him took out allegedly misleading advertising in the national press calling on people to vote. Renzi's camp also said many people in Tuscany were not allowed to vote on Sunday even though they should have been able to. But the 37-year-old, who presented himself as a moderniser, was admitted he had made mistakes in his campaign and said Bersani was the "clear" winner. The general election is expected in March, 2013.

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