Trial request for Cappato for aiding Dj Fabo suicide (2)

Radical activist helped tetraplegic take own life in Switzerland

Trial request for Cappato for aiding Dj Fabo suicide (2)

Milan, July 18 - A Milan prosecutor on Tuesday requested that right-to-death activist Marco Cappato be sent to trial for helping tetraplegic ex-disc jockey DJ Fabo commit assisted suicide in Switzerland earlier this year. Prosecutors had initially requested that the case against Cappato be dropped but a preliminary investigations judge rejected that petition and told them to press for an indictment. Radical Party member Cappato reported himself on February 28 for helping 2014 car crash victim Fabo, 39, kill himself in Zurich's Dignitas clinic on February 27. Assisted suicide and euthanasia are illegal in Italy. Cappato, also a leading member of the Coscioni right-to-die association, said that he hopes to face a trial. "I hope to be charged and to be able to defend myself at a trial," he said. "In Italy there is the crime of instigation to suicide, but in this case there was no instigation". The case highlighted parliament's failure to legislate on end-of-life issues and give people the ability to make out living wills.

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