Italian bloggers cleared of stealing celeb pics (2)

Three bloggers accused of hacking personal email accounts

Italian bloggers cleared of stealing celeb pics (2)

Milan, July 17 - Italian bloggers Selvaggia Lucarelli, Guia Soncini and Gianluca Neri were cleared Monday of stealing photos of celebrities. The three were accused of illegally obtaining codes and passwords to access the celebrities' personal email accounts. Celebrities who testified in the suit inlcuded Elisabetta Canalis, Mara Venier, Prince Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy, Federica Fontana, and her husband Felice Rusconi. The focus of the suit was a group of 191 photos taken at Canalis's 32nd birthday held at then-boyfriend George Clooney's estate on Lake Como, Villa Oleandra, where the three bloggers allegedly "stormed" the celebrities' accounts. The bloggers were accused of illegal interception, illegal possession and distribution of access codes (for which Lucarelli was excluded) for the "purpose of procuring profit for self or others or to cause damage to others", as well as illegal access to computer systems and violation of privacy. photo: Lucarelli

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