Yara cd have been anyone's daughter - Bossetti (2)

Victim of world's biggest miscarriage of justice

Yara cd have been anyone's daughter - Bossetti (2)

Brescia, July 17 - Construction worker Massimo Bossetti pled his innocence at an appeals trial on his life sentence for the 2010 murder of schoolgirl Yara Gambirasio, telling the court the 13-year-old "could have been the daughter of any one of us". He said "not even an animal would have used so much cruelty"on her. Bossetti said he was the victim of "the greatest miscarriage of justice in history". Prosecutors have said said Bossetti's conviction is 'airtight". Bossetti is appealing against the first-instance conviction, with his lawyers contesting the validity of DNA traces of him allegedly found on Yara's underwear. Bossetti, who has always declared his innocence, has been in jail since June 16, 2014. The appeals court is expected to hand down its ruling later today or early tomorrow.

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